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***PREMIUM***(Best fo the Best) Trauma First Aid Kit for Outdoors, Workplace, and Home

Our Premium Trauma Medbag contains everything you need to keep yourself alive.


Includes the following: 1 Large Trauma MedBag w Portable Kitbag :

Medbag Contains: - 1 1000cc 0.9% Sodium Chloride bag for injection

- 4 Non-latex sterile gloves

- 1 mask

- 1 Tourniquet

- 1 10mL 0.9% Sodium Chloride Flush

- 1 paper cloth 36"x36"

- 2 Sterile Woven Gauze Sponges

- 2 7" Tubing Extension Kits (1 for training purposes/for for use)

- 5 Surflo winged infusion sets (for practice and use)

- 1 IV Start Kit with Chloraprep for sterilization

- 79" IV Tubing Universal Administration Set

- Video Training and Instructions

Kitbag Contains:

- Comprehensive 240 piece first aid kit to address cuts, scrapes, eye, and trauma injuries

- Convenient bonus 44 piece first aid kit that can be easily carried in your pocket, backpack, or glove compartment

- Specialty items included specifically for trauma injuries such as a tourniquet, Israeli bandage, and splint - Color coded and labeled for easy identification and organization, ensuring quick access in emergency situations - Designed for various settings including outdoors, workplace, home, trucks, cars, and offices



- Check and confirm to see if this item is reimbursable through your employers FSA/HSA.  

- Exceeds OSHA Guidelines and ANSI 2009 Standards


300 Pieces - Includes Travel Kitbag

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