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IV Nutrition (aka IV Therapy)

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

At Bestlife Clinics we call Amy our Mixologist. Due to her passion and experience. Call or go online today to schedule an appointment directly with Amy for one of our amazing bags that she has designed for almost every situational health need or book to have her mix up a custom bag especially for your personal needs.

1. Amy's IV experience & Journey

My exposure to hypodermic needles, IVs and injectables goes way back. I was born a frequently sick child and often found myself in the hands of a health care professional who was about to jab me with a needle. I understand first-hand the fears and anxieties that come with getting stuck by a needle. I became certified to draw blood while training as a nurse's aide on a very busy cardiac unit. I first learned phlebotomy (the surgical opening or puncture of a vein in order to withdraw blood) from a dear friend, and longtime nurse's aide, Geeta. She could find and feel even the tiniest vein and taught me that the best phlebotomists do it by FEEL and not by "seeing the vein." Back then, there were no "butterfly" needles with the helpful "flash" of blood to ensure you got the vein. Back then, it was done as a "straight stick" which meant you'd better be lined up perfect to the vein and get it right on the first try because there was no way to tell you were in the vein (other than by feel) until you attached the vacuum sealed blood collection container and hoped to see it fill with blood. If not, you had to start all over, get all new supplies and stick the patient again. Every morning, at 0600 hours, we drew labs on ALL of our patients except the ones in CCU who had central lines. You're talking at least 16 people. You had to get good because most times the doctors and nurses depended on these timed lab results to determine the next course of treatment for their patients. As time went on, I was fascinated at the ability I had to "get veins," especially "tough ones." I made it my personal goal to only have to stick patients one time and get the job done with only one stick. As a kid and as an adult patient myself, I've always had very difficult veins to get, so it is my personal mission to only stick someone once. I know all too well the feeling of multiple painful unsuccessful sticks. In the hospital, we had diabetic patients, patients on chemotherapeutic drugs, drug user, dehydrated folks, patients post dialysis. It was the BEST training on the WORST veins. I have over 18 years' experience sticking veins, and over 13 years of placing IVs. For anyone with needle trauma or phobia, come see me. I can put you at ease and have lots of tricks up my sleeves to get even the hardest of veins!

2. IV Glutathione

My first experience working with IV glutathione was at an Integrative Healing Center in upstate NY. I worked closely with Naturopathic Physicians, Acupuncturists, Nurse Practitioners and a Functional Medicine Doctor as their primary IV RN. Here we saw many patients from all over the world with numerous chronic health conditions (primarily Lyme Disease and other tick-borne illness, as well as cancers and autoimmune disorders). I also had the pleasure of training in Augsberg, Germany with some of the top-of-the-line physicians and researchers in the field of tick-borne illness and other viruses and bacteria. Both they and we used IV push glutathione as a detoxifying agent before, during and after these intense lengthy treatments. During the treatment of Lyme Disease, antibiotics and other herbal treatments kill off the harmful bacteria. As these bacteria die, they let off a very toxic and inflammatory proteins called cytokines. If there's alot of die off too fast, patients can feel very sick (this is called having a herxheimer reaction) as their body struggles to clear this die off. Glutathione acts as a magnet for these and other toxins, free radicals and other harmful substances all throughout the circulatory system. It helps the liver and kidneys to flush out these materials allowing the body to function better overall. Glutathione also has anti-aging, skin brightening, anti-oxidant effects. It can help with hangovers, brain fog, headaches, boosting the immune system and increasing your overall energy and health. I've personally taken IV glutathione before, during and after not only a long treatment for chronic Lyme and other tick-borne disease, but also post-surgery or post MRI scans to help my body detox the anesthesia and contrast dyes. When we are stressed, we deplete our glutathione levels. Getting and IV you will immediately feel the effects and benefits lasting up to 3 days. Stop in and try some for yourself! It's powerful stuff I highly recommend!

3. B Complex

My first experience seeing and working with vitamin b complex was while I was a new graduate nurse working on a General Medical Surgical floor. I had a patient who was known as a "frequent flyer" for alcohol related illnesses. This particular admission, he was severely malnourished. The doctor on staff ordered a "banana bag" for this man. As a new nurse, my preceptor walked me through the steps of verifying the bag, its ingredients and that we had the correct patient. I was amazed at how he "perked up" very shortly as the bag started to infuse. In it contained all the essential vitamins and minerals he wasn't getting from his diet that consisted only of alcoholic beverages. Later on, when I worked at the Integrative Healing Center, we gave our fatigued and over stressed patients "Myer's Cocktails" as a boost to their treatment plans. I've received numerous infusions using B complex and Myer's Cocktail's and would highly recommend these to everyone as a maintenance of your health. Alot of our over processed, over washed foods are missing the essential vitamins and nutrients we need for proper cellular health. Receiving essential vitamins and minerals through the veins is the best way to ensure you're getting what your body needs. Bypass the gut and let these wonderful ingredients replenish your tired, overworked/stressed out body! B complex can be given IV or as a shot into the muscle if you don't have time to stay for an IV.

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