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IV Therapy - It's not just for emergencies!

Many people associated receiving IV fluids with being in a hospital or pre procedure.

Many are unaware that IV therapy can be used therapeutically to stave off dehydration, replace lost electrolytes and nutrients after sweating or diarrhea/vomiting, aid in the absorption of fluids and nutrients without irritating digestive tract, reduce recovery time from illness, workout strain or hangovers and to boost energy levels or immunity.

Each bag is completely customizable for your individual needs, conditions or ailments. These IVs can help flush toxins, aid in constipation or chronic migraines, improve cognitive function as well as improve skin, joint and muscle health.

Speak with our IV Mixologist today! Amy has over 13 years IV therapy experience and has cured many of her own chronic health conditions using regular IV therapy. Amy has worked with very "difficult" or "challenging" veins and has honed her IV skills in to make the experience as painless as possible. Ice and heat are available for comfort!

Try one today and get 15% off through the end of the month!

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