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We have the Best IV ingredients! Trust me, it matters...

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

IV bag

One of the many reasons I love BestLife and our IV Nutritional therapies is that we use REALLY good quality IV products. Every one of our offered IV menu items have been trialed and sampled by our staff and owners.

We use only the best quality ingredients from trustworthy compounding pharmacies; we also monitor storage temperatures, compatibility, expiration dates & shelf life closely. We do not use any ingredients with preservatives or past their shelf life dates.

Most people don't know this but a lot of IV clinics cut costs by buying IV ingredients in bulk, but in order to have a long shelf life (so you're not wasting products) the compounding pharmacy has to add some kind of preservatives to their products. They'll also use ingredients "up" rather than waste them and open a new vial which is best practice. Many IV fluids bags are made with toxic plastic chemicals and preservatives as well, ours are preservative free! Extensive research, time and care went into hand selecting which IV ingredients we would use for each bag recipe. We can also easily customize a bag that is just for your specific needs. We don't use premixed bags with set recipe ingredients. The effects are felt almost immediately. People report increased energy, less inflammation, calmer and overall more hydrated. There is nothing in any of these bags I wouldn't take myself or give to my loved ones!

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