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What is Reiki?

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Reiki energy healing
Reiki energy healing

Despite its recent popularity and historical longevity, many people are still unaware of what "Reiki" is. While the origins of energy healing trace way back to ancient India, Reiki (pronounced: "ray kee" or "lay kee") is actually a Japanese hands-on healing and relaxation technique. The word Reiki is actually two Japanese words: Rei - which means Universal or Divinely Guided and Ki - which means Life Force Energy or vital energy. Reiki is essentially energy healing using intuitively guided (by Higher Power/Source/God/The Universe) healing life force energy to bring the body's energy system back into a more harmonious and relaxed state of balance. When our "Life Force Energy" is low, sluggish or stagnant, our physical, mental and/or spiritual health can suffer. Headaches, muscle aches, joint pain, nausea, heart palpitations, heart burn, indigestion, bloating, insomnia, diarrhea or constipation, IBS, migraines, reproductive health complications, depression, anxiety and other chronic health conditions are just some of the physical symptoms of energy disbalance. When we are constantly stressed, our nervous system is stuck in a "fight or flight" response - this is where our sympathetic nervous system is activated. This is meant to be a survival mode, short term, not meant to be a long-term state of being. Those who are chronically stressed or those with PTSD and trauma, they are unable to relax on their own. A Reiki session assists in bringing the person receiving it back into a state of "rest and digest" which is the parasympathetic nervous system activated. Clients often sigh, take deep cleansing breaths, yawn or even fall asleep as they are reminded how to relax while on the table. People have reported miraculous effects from energy healing using Reiki. Some of these include: complete resolution of pain or chronic health condition, tumor shrinkage, pregnancy after infertility issues, visions of beautiful colors and images or memories, visitations of loved ones who have passed, relief in digestive issues, better sleep, reduction or resolution of pain, emotional release as well as deep restorative sleep (REM, with muscle twitching and snoring). The session is booked for 90 mins and includes an assessment and counseling before and after the 60-minute session for integration and processing.

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