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BestLife Prices

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Hyperbaric sessions are $169 Each for 90 minutes. 

Hyperbaric sessions are $129 Each for 60 minutes. 

Sessions of 10 or more receive a 15% discount if Paid in Full at time of registration. Financing of up to 12 months at 0% interest OAC is available, see link below for more information, terms and application.


Bestlife Hyperbarics are staffed by trained Hyperbaric Technologists and follow very specific approved protocols unless otherwise directed by your referring physician. 

We Do Not Accept Insurance. Depending upon your policy reimbursement may be available. Payment is due upon receipt of service. We do, however, offer Interest-Free (0%) interest for up to 12 months through Cherry (Apply Below). 

Masks are MANDATORY and are $10 each. They are reusable

  •  Every HORT Session includes NEW Bed cover, New Booties, and Bottle of Water

  •  IPad and Noise cancelling headphones are available for HORT sessions upon request. 

IM (Intramuscular) Shots may be administered in the Buttocks or Shoulders OR some may be placed within the IV bag and include any of the following;

 - B12, B-Complex                                                     $20 each or 5 for $80

  - Zofran, Toradol, Zinc, Taurine                                                         $24

  - Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)                                                                  $25

  - Vit D3 (Requires Blood test)                                                            $30

  - MIC Weight Loss Blend                                            $35 or 3x for $100 

  - L. Carnitine, Biotin, CoQ10, Glutathione                                        $35

We offer 0% Financing through Cherry

"Our skin is powerful.

It communicates our feelings,

our thoughts, and
our inner-selves to the world"

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