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Our Team

Headshot cyndee.jpg

Dr. Cyndee Garner, DNP

Doctor of Nursing Practice,
Medical Director

  Dr. Garner was trained in Phoenix for PDO threads in 2018. She finds that PDO threads work great to add volume to the face and can be used to lift the forehead, brows, and those pesky jowls. Men have loved the ability to smooth their foreheads and get rid of those 11 lines between the eyes. PDO threads last 6-18 months depending on how many threads are placed in the region. Dr. Garner chooses PDO threads over fillers as unlike fillers which plump the face with hyaluronic acid, PDO threads change the area and increase collagen which as everyone knows is one factor that causes wrinkles in the first place.

  Dr. Garner likes to use a blended approach using small amounts of hyaluronic acid so you can see an immediate change in your face and the pdo threads will begin adding collagen and volume to the face over time. PLA threads have poly l lactic acid applied to the thread similar to the ingredients in sculptra which add extra collagen building stimulation. The great thing about PDO and PLA threads is that they dissolve over time and leave behind wonderful skin firming collagen.    Dr. Garner uses the best techniques such as a dental block, laughing gas and other medications and techniques to control your pain and anxiety. If you need a ride to and from the clinic so you can take medication prior to the procedure we can also arrange that with our private driver.



  Dr. Garner has worked in urgent cares and family practice for many years and has worked with people with joint and spine issues since becoming a NP in 2005. In 2021 she became certified in stem cell injections and began traveling throughout the United States injecting cells into people with degenerated discs in the spine, injured worn out knees, torn rotator cuffs, wrists, ankles, and feet for neuropathy. Knowing that research shows alpha lipoic has shown to reduce neuropathy pain in patients combining stem cell treatments and IV alpha lipoic acid help treat the cause of the condition and begin repairing the nerves. Dr. Garner specializes in the following stem cell treatments:

· Hair Loss

· Antiaging

· Erectile Dysfunction

· Sports Injuries

· Muscle Tears

· Tendon Injuries

· Acute Injuries

· Post-Surgical Repair

· Rotator Cuff Injuries

· Osteoarthritis

· Knee Injuries

 Unfortunately, Stem cells are not covered by insurance or medicare at this point in time but Dr. Garner has secured cells from an FDA approved lab and using her expertise will develop a plan of care to incorporate these amazing cells to help restore your health using all the best services BEST LIFE MedSpas has to offer.


Our Saturday Clinic will be our medical clinic day and you will get to meet Dr. Garner and soon the nurses and NP’s from our local universities. We want to give back to the community and teaching the upcoming nurses and NP’s is one way that BEST LIFE will provide much needed support to our local medical community.

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